Introducing the MGL Gen IV card

Our new generation player card sets a level playing field

P stamp- all premier players will have a foil P stamped on there card to prevent playing in another division
Glance-able year of birth field running vertically along player photograph
Two calendar seasons per card generation- no mid season expiration
Complete digital support, no open events

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Please note; If you list a player as a premier player and they're not, you will be charged a reprint fee

FAI National Coaches Card & Irish UEFA Licence Card

We are delighted to announce our

partnership with the Football Association of Ireland for the FAI National Coaching card and Irish UEFA Licence

The FAI National Card is now a requirement of FAI Club Mark

Our specialty is sports identity solutions, photography and data collection. We have spent the past five years working alongside some of the largest sporting organisations throughout Ireland to create a platform which deters illegal players. We promote a fair sport for all system. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and passion to improve sport in Ireland. In this time have created a system which enables us to process hundreds of people per hour and produce credit card standard identity cards in a matter of days. Our ePIP portal supports the staff and officials of our client organisations assisting the management their player cards, ensuring all of their information is up to date before match day.

Gaynor Cup 2018 Photography

We are delighted to offer our Gaynor Cup tournament photos online. To order your Gaynor Cup photos just hit the below link and follow the instructions. We have over 3,000 player photos so simply fill out the form and we'll send you the samples you need within 24 hours.

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